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RCT2 Ride Creator

Warning: This program is not user friendly. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. J's Object Editor or Henry's DAT Maker program, do not attempt to use this program. You could seriously mess up your copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon Two. Neither Mike Young nor Interactivities Ink take responsibility for incorrect use of this program.

If, when following these instructions, you have a question, STOP. Do not continue. Ask your question in the forums of RCT2.Com. I check there regularly and will update these directions to make them clearer.


It is strongly suggested that these tutorials be taken in order.

1. Adding a Preview Pic to a Shop/Restroom built using the Object Editor.

2. How to Create Bitmap Images from a Ride, Shop, Restroom, or Path.

3. How to Create a New Flat Ride.

How to Create a New Tracked Ride - Coming Soon

Advanced: Changing the Colors of your Ride - Coming Soon

Advanced: Hex Editing the New Ride - Coming Soon

General Info

Frequently Asked Questons

A List of all Ride and Shop Files

The User Interface Detailed -- Coming Soon