Snuggle Bunny Ring Wraiths (Television Gone Wrong)

by Mike Young
Originally published in
Metagame, February
To Dan Delaney, Steve
Haug, and Sonya
This game was written in negative five minutes, from 1:15 AM to 1:10 AM during a game called The Dimension Next Door (by Overage Gifted Children). It was inspired by three characters in the game, Sauron and the two Snugglebunnies. You see, after Sauron was defeated in the game, he was sent to rehabilitate on the planet of the Snugglebunnies. This game explores that fateful day.

The game lasts for a varying length of time, although not longer than 5 minutes, and ends shortly after Sauron opens his second envelope. Feel free to push the Snugglebunnies into "attacking" Sauron if they are ignoring him. After running the game for the first time, I was taken to task for Merry Bunny. The Snugglebunnies were a syrupy sweet, brilliantly executed parody of bad children's TV. I had taken that parody and twisted it into a dark, evil satire.
I threw in Merry Bunny, the only female Snugglebunny to make fun of the fact that many children's TV shows had only one female character. Basically, the TV shows in question were trying to make each character unique: the smart one, the strong one, the funny one, and so on. By making a character unique by being female, it is essentially saying that women cannot be strong, smart, funny, or what have you, and that women are different. This is sexist. 

If you are offended by Merry Bunny, feel free to use the replacement Merry Bunny at the end of the characters. In fact, if any portion of this game offends you, please feel free to change or not use that part.

Game Prep

Print out and cut the individual character sheets below. Also cut out and fold over Sauron's envelopes. The background and rules are so simple that you probably can just read them at the start of the game. In addition, you will need a large number (around 100) paper hearts. Use red construction paper for the best effect. You will also need tape to attach the hearts to the players.

Give the character sheets and envelopes to your players, read the rules aloud and step back and watch the chaos.


You're on the planet of Snugglebunnies, the happiest, snuggliest place ever. Hey! Here comes Sauron!


Snugglebunnies don't fight other Snugglebunnies. You give them big hugs. Place a heart on the bunny you wish to "attack" with love. Whoever has the most hearts wins the Snugglebunny Ring Race.
Print these, 
cut 'em out, 
and give them to the players.



You are Hoppy Bunny. You like to have fun and hop. You are the hoppiest bunny around. You like to
hop and hop all day. 

Though you could never tell anyone, you long for the peaceful, cool relief of the hand of death.

Special Ability: Hop
You are the best hopper in Snugglebunnyland. You can avoid combat if you want to.


You are Cheery Bunny. You are always happy. ALWAYS! You are always more happy than everybody else. You are proud of your happiness. You are the bestest bunny ever.

Special Ability: You are more happy.
Anytime you see a bunny happier than you, you can remove a heart from it.


You are Smiley Bunny. You smile a lot. The others often wonder what you are up to. You have a large
collection of knives.

Special Ability: Knife Fight
You place an extra heart on a Bunny when you fight.


You are Lobotomy Bunny.
You are Lobotomy Bunny.
You are Lobotomy Bunny.
You are Lobotomy Bunny.
You are Lobotomy Bunny.
You are Lobotomy Bunny.
You are Lobotomy Bunny.

Special Ability: You are Lobotomy Bunny.


You are Chuckles Bunny. You love a good laugh. You like to play jokes and make others laugh. Wheee. What fun.

Special Ability: Play Joke
Every time you place a heart on another bunny, all of the Snugglebunnies must laugh for at least 5 seconds.


You are the only female bunny. You know how to make the male bunnies very very happy.

Special Ability: WooHoo!
If you go offline with a male bunny for 30 seconds, you each get three hearts.


You are Floyd Bunny. You hate all Snugglebunnies and want to kill them. These bunnies and their cuteness make you sick. If only they could die!!!!!!

Special Ability: Projectile Vomit.
This game makes you want to vomit. You can retch at will. This gives two hearts to anyone you retch on.


You are Sauron, Master of Evil. You have been banished here and you cannot leave. Unfortunately, you are also stuck with this stupid combat system.

Special Ability: Master of Evil.
You are a master of Evil. Pretty much useless here.


You are Merry Bunny. You have a number of things the other bunnies can eat or drink or smoke to make
them happy. You like to make the other bunnies happy, so you always give out free samples.

Special Ability: Free Sample.
If you go offline with another bunny for 30 seconds, you each get three hearts.

Fold these into thirds
and give to Sauron.

      YECCH! You are awash in love. You can't stand this. - Aiiiieeeee!
      You are Sauron Bunny. You like to wriggle and hop. You like to have fun and spread love and make people happy. You are still a Master of Evil, but who cares?

Snugglebunny Ring Wraiths is Copyright 2000, Interactivities Ink, Ltd.  All rights reserved.  Permission is granted to copy and distribute this game as long as this notice is included in its entirety .  Contact:,