Inside Mike Young's Room (Revelations, Diplomacy, and Terror!)

by Mike Young This game was written at a party given by Eric and Christine Smith.  It was just after the movie Mummy hit the theaters and I was pigeonholed by several different people all telling me about the same scene.  It seems that there was a scene in which a group of people got together to discuss a problem and it was revealed that they were all working for different secret organizations and that they all had their own agendas.  It was, the partygoers said, just like a secret meeting in my hotel room at a LARP.

I decided then and there to immortalize this in a game.  Please note that this game is in no way an accurate portrayal of my room.

Game Prep

You will need two props: a weird thing for the Artifact of Zeyxx and a small green stone.  You'll also need two GMs (or a trusted player).  One GM will be on the inside of the room with the players.  The other will be outside of the room as the monster trying to get in.  He should bang against the door, and howl menacingly.

Cut out the handouts below and give each character to a player.  Each handout can be folded over with a character description on one side and the character secret information on the other side. The very last handout, in the weird language, is to be folded into thirds and given to the "Professor of Archaeology."

Give the Artifact of Zeyxx (secretly) to the "Professor of Anthropology," and the green gem (secretly) to the "Professor of Archaeology." 

Rules and Background

You are part of an expedition to explore the Lost Tomb of Zeyxx.  You were just wandering around when suddenly this monster awoke and started to chase you .  Your guns proved ineffectual, but you have managed to hide in here and wedge the door closed.  While this will buy you some time, it won't stop the monster and eventually it will break in.  You're trapped in here.  What do you do?

Notes on Guns:  If you have a gun, you can draw it by pointing your thumb and index finger in the classic "gun" configuration.  Each gun has two shots left.  A gunshot will kill a person in five minutes.  Point the gun at your target and yell, "bang," to shoot.

Print these, 
cut 'em out, fold in half
and give them to the players.


Professor of Archaeology

You are, in fact, The Contessa, a fabulous thief.  You have managed to steal $500 from folks in the expedition as well as a small green gem from the tomb.

You also found a paper written in a strange language.  If you are caught, you would be arrested.  You have a gun.

Professor of Anthropology

You are an artifact smuggler.  You have managed to gain the Artifact of Zeyxx and are smuggling it to Cairo.  You expect to make over $1000 for it.  You would not part with it for less than $1000. 

If you are caught, you would be arrested. 


You are in reality, Inspector Marvis of The Yard.  You are on the trail of an artifact smuggler as well as an internationally known thief (The Contessa). 

You have a gun.

Luckily, The Yard has to deal with monster attacks all the time, so you know that once a monster is weakened by a ritual, it must then be shot to be killed.

Professor of Sociology

You are actually a Professor from Miskatonic University.  You have the ability to cast spells. 

Miskatonic University is supposed to be a secret, so you have been saying that you are from Princeton.

You have $500.

Native Guide

You are a member of the Society of Assassins.  You may kill someone by walking up to them, touching them, and whispering "count slowly to five and die horribly."

You are charged to kill whoever has the Artifact of Zeyxx and gain it for the society.

You can read §¥@.

Native Guide

You are of the Guardians of Nephis.  Your order has guarded the secret of the tomb for generations.  You know that if anyone enters the inner sanctum and takes the green stone, the creature will awaken.

You are too late to prevent that from happening.  The only way to weaken the creature is to cast the ritual of Zeyxx, which must be led by a mage.

Fold this, tape it shut, 
and give it to the 
Professor of Archaeology.

Open if you can read §¥@.

Open if you can read §¥@.

This is the Ritual of Zeyxx.

It is the Hokey Pokey.

Inside Mike Young's Room is Copyright 2000, Interactivities Ink, Ltd.  All rights reserved.  Permission is granted to copy and distribute this game as long as this notice is included in its entirety .  Contact:,