The Other, Other, Other All Batman Game

by Mike Young

Intercon H in Chelmsford, Mass. It was 6:00 on a Friday. I had just finished bragging that I wasn't running anything this weekend. Phillip Kelley dares me to write a game for the con. At 6:30 we all sit down to play The Other, Other, Other All Batman Game. Curse you, Phil Kelley!

You can read an excellent history of The All Batman Game, The Other All Batman Game, and The Other, Other All-Batman Game at Phil's site. I believe that mine is unique in being the only one in which all the characters are actually Batman, well more or less.

Thanks to the players of the inaugural run: Daniel Abraham, Vivian Abraham, Dave Cave, Quinn D, Greer Hauptman, Phillip Kelley, Sue Lee, David Lichtenstein, and Drew Novick

Game Situation

A group of omnipotent, plot driven entities known as the Omniseers have kidnapped a number of Batmen from across time and space and forced them to choose one to be the true Batman. The Batmen may choose any one of them to be the true one, but they won't. They will dither and argue and fight. After ten or so minutes, or when the joke has run out, just pick one randomly.

Game Set Up

Print out the character sheets below and distribute them to the players. The combat system can be any of the following, or just make up your own. The winner can do whatever they want to the loser.

Potential Combat Systems:

  • MENKS: Players get cards equal to their Power Level.
  • Dice: Players add a die to their Power Level. Higher number wins. Reroll ties.
  • RPS: Higher Power Level wins ties. If Power Level are tied, retest.

Start the game with the following speech: Batmen of the Multiverse. We are the Omniseers. The Multiverse is beset by too many Bat Men. You must decide among you who is the true Bat Man. Do so and you shall be released. Fail and you shall stay here forever!

Print these, 
cut 'em out, 
and give them to the players.


Batman, Earth 1

You are the guy everyone thinks of when they think of Batman, the one from comic books, not TV. You are a caped crusader of the night. You have a Boy Wonder named Robin. You are secretly Bruce Wayne. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

You know there must be a way out of here. Your great brain can think of something...

Power Level 8

Batman, The Dark Knight

You are a dark, grim version of Batman. You have seen the future and it is bleak. You fight as you must and, while you still wonít kill, you are dark and gothic and creepy.

Power Level 9

Batman as portrayed by Adam West

Do the Batusi! You are a campy, silly Batman who is as easily at home dancing as fighting crime. You are over the top in terms of roleplaying. Go chew that scenery.

Power Level 5


When you were a child, you were known as Bat Boy. The Weekly Midnight News used to report on your doings and your exploits were eventually made into an off Broadway musical. But now you are all grown up, a Bat Man.

You are no super hero. You donít know how to fight. But unlike these posers, you are actually half-human, half bat. You deserve the name more than anyone. Maybe you can convince them of your right.

Power Level 5

Bat Mantis

You are Zorak from an episode of Space Ghost Coast To Coast. You are evil and sardonic and you want to win if for no other reason that the rest of these losers will lose.

Power Level 6

Dirk Parham

Youíre Batman, dammit!

Power Level 6

Stan "The Man" Bronson, Jr

The University of Memphis Tigers public batboy, Stan Bronson, Jr., is known as a living legend in Tiger baseball, and now holds a place in history as the "MOST DURABLE BATBOY" ever, as approved by the Guinness World Records. Bronson, has been the University of Memphis' baseball batboy for over 49 years.

Bronson, 78, came to the University of Memphis (then Memphis State University) in the 1958 season and has served as the program's batboy since--a span of 49 years, two months and 20 days. During Bronson's tenure as the batboy, Memphis has played approximately 2,187 games. Every time a Tiger home game reaches the middle of the eight inning, it is Bronson's time in the spotlight. He makes his way to home plate where he acknowledges the Tiger faithful who have made it out to game. Bronson will be included in the 2008 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

You are he.

Power Level 4

Ninja Baseball Bat Man

Ninja Baseball Bat Man, also known as Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man, is an arcade game produced by Irem based on characters developed by Drew Maniscalco in 1993. It is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that features quirky, baseball-themed characters and enemies.

The player chooses from among four characters: Captain Jose, Stick Straw, Twinbats Ryno, and Beanball Roger. Each character attacks with one or more baseball bats, has his own set of special abilities, and has one extremely powerful maneuver that sacrifices health in order to annihilate every enemy on the screen. Jose is well-balanced, Straw has tremendous range, Ryno is speedy and wields two bats, and Roger is especially powerful. Their purpose is to recover various artifacts stolen from the Baseball Hall of Fame, a task prescribed to them by the Commissioner of Baseball.

Ninja Baseball Bat Man is extremely similar to many games released near the same time, including The Simpsons and X-Men. The game is not particularly innovative as far as gameplay, but its quirkiness and strangeness definitely set it apart from other similar beat-em-up games. The special abilities of each character are much like the mutant powers of X-Men, but the Ninja Baseball Bat Men are more versatile in their skill sets. The game allows for four players to play simultaneously.

During TGS`07, Irem revealed that development of a sequel is currently underway. Titled "Ninja Baseball Bat Man 2: Rise of the Kabuki Football Chief", the game is scheduled to hit Japanese arcades during the second quarter of 2008.

You are the four characters from that video game. You have baseball bats.

Power Level 6


You are a bantam, A bantam is any small or miniature fowl; the term bantam refers most commonly to small breeds of chickens. Many standard chicken breeds have a bantam counterpart, sometimes referred to as a miniature. Miniatures are usually one-fifth to one-quarter the size of the standard breed, but they are expected to exhibit all of the standard breed's characteristics. Some examples of breeds with bantam counterparts are the Plymouth Rock, the Australorp, and the Wyandotte.

You can only cluck about. Damn dyslexic Omniseer.

Power Level 2

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