Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular

> > > Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide < < <
and his
-> Circus of the Spectacular <-
as they return to America from their
!! !! TRIUMPHANT !! !!
tour of Europe where they performed for
Kings and Heads of State.
The Circus is ailing financially. Can the valiant
members of the Circus save the show from the
clutches of the nefarious Bungling Brothers?

Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular is a 4-hour secrets and powers larp for for 14-22 players and 3 GMs. It is full of high weirdness and low melodrama. It is four hours of strange, silly fun with serious undercurrents and emotional attachments.

Read the Flier, in glorious PDF (713KB).
(Flier slightly out of date).

Download the LARP, in glorious ZIP (7,168KB).

Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular is is a work of fiction. The opinions and events expressed in this work do not reflect the beliefs of the author or Interactivities Ink, Limited. Any resemblance between the events or characters in this work and any real incidents or persons living, or dead, or undead is unintended and purely coincidental. Our game is a romanticized view of life behind the big top and is no way to be construed as an accurate portrayal of circus life. 

Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular is dedicated to the hardworking circus folk and carnies of the past two centuries, and to those brave souls who allowed themselves to be put on display simply because they were different.

Q What Are Your Major Inspirations?

A Well, my first and biggest inspiration is the musical Barnum. I highly recommend it. While not a completely accurate representation of the life of the master showman, it is a fine two hours entertainment. I have drawn inspiration from a number of other musicals and comedies as well. But there is a dark undercurrent running through the circus as well. Something Wicked This Way Comes, Freaks, Killer Klowns From Outer Space all have their part in this as well. I especially enjoyed reading Clown Story at Jitterbug Fantasia. The live roleplaying game that directly inspired this game is Jim MacDougal’s Mary Celeste. When designing the characters and plots, I specifically set out to make something weirder that his really wonderful game.

Q What is the genre of the game?

A High Melodrama, of the "You must pay the rent!" type. Play your characters larger than life. The game has no fixed point in history or geography. The focus is on the characters, interactions, and the drama. As it will say in the rulebook, "Win Big or Lose Big, but make sure to Play Big!"

Q Where/When is the Game Set?

A The game is set in the Golden Age of the Circus, a period of time that spans from the mid 1800s to around 1910-1920. The location of the game is the United States. Where, exactly, in the United States isn’t important. It’s the circus; it’s a world of its own.

Q What Characters are Available?

A The game holds 22 characters. All the characters know each other. There are no surprises there.

The characters include:

Q Do We Have To Perform?

A Only if you want to. Performances can be simulated using mechanics. Of course, we’d prefer it if you did perform.

Q Are Live Animals Used?

A All animals can be simulated with mime or player volunteers.

Q What System Does It Use?

A The combat system will be MENKS. We'll provide MENKS cards for the players. You can read the full RULES online if you want.