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Welcome to The Tank.  You have lived here for as long as you can remember.  Of course, being a fish, your memory isn't that great...

PRAWN is a two-hour live action roleplaying game played in a swimming pool for ten to twenty players and three "Tank Masters."  It is a great game for a poolparty or as a live roleplaying game for a convention.  PRAWN is a completely stand-alone game and requires no other larp products.

PRAWN is written by Mike Young.  Cover by Sean Butler.

The 48 page game book contains:

Bonus Special

PRAWN 2 and PRAWN 3 are now available for free download from the Interactivities Ink Website! These modules create new characters and settings for use with the PRAWN base rules. You'll need the base rulebook to play PRAWN 2 and PRAWN 3.

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Preview a sample of PRAWN  (Warning!  Contains game spoilers!)
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Marin County & Mary Celeste Special!

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