by: Ghost Writer and Mike Young. Thanks Ghost!

Are you are a traitor to the glorious communist revolution? Do you uphold the principles or have you been corrupted by the forces of Greed, Power, and Corruption? And if you are loyal, can you ferret out the traitors before you are sent to Siberia?

Mayday is the primary holiday of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and of communists throughout the world. It is a day of pride, of hope, and of ambition. The decline of socialism means that it is also well down the path to the isle of lost holidays, doomed to join St. Crispinís Day and International Talk like a Pirate Day. Mayday is about the human condition, the frailty and fragility which prevent us from achieving the goals we value. It is about both ambition and disappointment.

Inspirations include not only history but Arthur Millerís The Crucible and Shirley Jacksonís The Lottery. Although it is not intended to refer to the ILF/SIL, the Pentagon CCB, the career of Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, or any other committee of devoted & dedicated individuals which seem doomed by some force stronger than fate or destiny to implode catastrophically, some readers may find inspiration in these events.

This game was originally written for The Nightmare Before St. Patrickís Day and has been revised to work as a standalone game. It should last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Download Mayday (518K zip file). You will need Adobe Acrobat  

Mayday Contains:

Interested in adding music to your run of Mayday? Download these keen Soviet songs.
Russian Folk Songs (32MB zip file)
Russian Red Army Choir (52MB zip file)

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