Recently, I hosted a game day that featured several games of Arkham Horror. In these games, players used the Strange Eons generator to create versions of themselves as the characters. I created three special Ancient Ones based on promenent members of the local LARP community and have now made them available to all of you.

Download the Ancient Ones (49MB Zip File of high-res images), then print it out. The download will contain more detailed assembly instructions.

Permission is granted to copy and distribute this game as long as this notice is included in its entirety .  Contact:,

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Thanks to Brian Altmiller, Dorothy Altmiller, Dave Coleman, John Corrado, Rebecca Corrado, Lawrence Lee, Moira Parham, Laura Quimby, Del Schlosser, Paul Wayner, Suzanne Wayner, Laura Young and Lorainne Young for playing yourselves.

Special Thanks to Gordon Olmstead-Dean and Dirk Parham for being good sports about being Ancient Ones.