Agricola: The DIS Deck: Improved Farming & Disasters

This is a fan created expansion for the card game Agricola. This print and play expansion contains 21 Occupations, 23 Minor Improvements, 23 Disaster cards, 18 start cards, 10 new types of tiles, and 1 Fog Marker for Agricola.

You need Agricola to play. You can get Agricola from your friendly local gaming store. It's well worth it.

Download The DIS Deck for free! PDF (19 MB)

Download High Resolution jpgs of the cards 7z File (34 MB)

You will need the 7-zip decompression utility, found here. The 7z files are about half the size of the zip files.

Original content for The M Deck is 2011 Michael Young. Tiles by Jason Spears. Agricola is TM and Lookout Games .

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Example cards and tiles: